May 13 Convention Speakers include Dr. Fergie Reid

In honor of Dr. William F. “Fergie” Reid’s 90th birthday and his long history of expanding voters’ rights, the 90 for 90 program was begun. The goal is to commit to registering new voters for this year’s election—90 in each precinct.

If ALL volunteers and candidates worked together to register 90 new voters in each of the Commonwealth’s precincts, our efforts would result in a quarter million new voters for the Old Dominion.
Today, at 92,Dr. Reid is still politically active.

  • He mentors candidates on how to win elections.
  • He mentors activists on the best way to play the game.

Already this election season, I know that he has already met with some of our candidates who live in the 10 CD.

Dr. Reid is a true friend and hero to many.

You will not want to miss Fergie.

May 13 Reorganization Convention

10 Congressional District Democrats

Credentials:  Noon to 1:15 pm

Convention begins:  1:30 pm

Broad Run High School, 21670 Ashburn Rd, Ashburn, VA 20147.

If you are NOT a Delegate to the Convention, you can come as a GUEST.

You will want to hear Fergie.